The purpose of a website has changed over the years, as business structures and online demand has evolved. Websites are no longer purely an online business card – website or webpages must now be informative for the user and easy for the client to navigate through.

As our future needs increasingly demand online exposure, the internet is becoming a very competitive place. This can seem daunting, particularly if you have not owned your own website before. However our purpose as a professional Melbourne Website Developer and Digital Marketing Agency is to minimise this confusion for personal and small business owners. At Elevate Websites we take the time to guide you through the process of analysing your online business needs and website design.

Below are 5 tips that outline some essential aspects of a website that will stand out from the competition.

Tip One: Have Clear Purpose and Intention

Be clear about what makes your product or service different to your competitors. Do you have an edge or offer anything unique from other small business in your niche?

Most likely your business would have some form of mission statement and a story. Let clients get to know you by clearly stating your purpose and tell your story well.

Tip Two: Educate and Inform Your Customers

A website is no longer just a business card for people to find you. Your site should be informative and answer potential questions that your customer or visitor might have about your services or product/s on offer. Your customer should be provided with an easy to read page that assists them to make an informed decision on why they should choose your business, product or service.

Tip Three: Get the Edge and Show Your Flare

Your website should place your products and services in the best light possible. This can be done in a multitude of ways, ranging from written content, good quality images, and perhaps even videos or graphics demonstrating what you are offering.

Tip Four: Provide an Interactive Experience

Have a think about how you would want your clients to engage, either with each other or directly with your business. You could incorporate a form of social media or an interactive blog or forum. This can provide your customers, or visitors to your website, with a sense of wanting to know more so that they will continue to return.

Tip Five: Leave a Lasting Impression for your Brand

Your brand and image is the most important part of your business. Therefore, the theme of your website should be consistent with the overall brand of your company. Do not create a ‘cookie cutter’ website that just copies another competitor – if you do this, visitors won’t really have a reason to choose. Creating your own personal and unique site will stand out from the crowd and go a long way to stamping your brand to the market place.


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