Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website work on mobiles, tablets and desktops?


We’ll build your website to look great & function well on desktops, but having your website fully functional on mobiles & tablets is what’s called ‘mobile responsive’.

In today’s world, it is absolutely critical that your website is ‘mobile responsive’ to ensure your customers have a complete experience & are fully engaged with your business no matter how they’re viewing your website.

Believe it or not – some companies still haven’t made their websites ‘mobile responsive’!  Let us help you best represent your business online as well as look great on every device & get the edge on your competitors!

How long will it take to build my website?

We typically find a full website analysis, design and build will take anywhere between 4-8 weeks. This is dependent on the complexity of the site requirements, so in some cases can even be earlier or later than this.

When we assess your initial site build, we will be able to provide you with a more indicative time-frame, and communicate with you throughout the process to let you know how we’re tracking. We ensure to communicate any time-frame changes (whether we’re beating the schedule, or any unexpected delays), as we understand the importance of this for your business needs.

There are a number of factors to consider when building a website which we will start by meeting with you to understand your business.  We’ll then spend some time better understanding your market & competitors then bring it all to life in a website that best reflects you and your business.

Don’t worry – this allows time for us to discuss any changes you’d like before we hand the site over to you!

Are you able to support and manage my website when completed?

You bet!

We have a number of packages available for just about every client where we can do as much or as little to keep your website safe, functioning and current online.

We not only want to deliver you an amazing website, but also give you peace of mind that your site is being monitored, protected and carefully maintained so you can focus your attention on running the business

How much will my website cost?

Similar to building a house – there are a number of factors to consider in the cost of building a website such as the number of pages you would like, links, widgets, animation and content just to name a few.

To give you the most accurate website cost we would suggest booking a no obligation business consultation with us. This will give us an opportunity to better understand your business as well as you current and future marketing strategies and how we can best cater to your online business needs.

We’ll be completely up front about initial and ongoing costs once we’ve had a chat with you and understand your business and what you need.

Are there any ongoing costs for my website?

Your website is much like a ‘shop front’ to your business. As such, we believe this is an important asset that should be properly maintained.

Our Silver, Gold & Platinum packages are our core packages, which cater for a wide range of ongoing needs, services and budgets. We can discuss these options with you during the initial consult to tailor a package that suits your individual needs best.

Subscribing to one of our maintenance packages is completely optional, but we do recommend ongoing support to ensure your website is relevant, functioning and of course safe!

Can I provide you images and logo for my website?

Of course!

In fact – this is our preference to ensure your online and physical brand work hand in hand.

However, if you don’t have the desired images at hand, we can always source these for you to add the finishing touches to your website.

Are you able to design me a logo?


Whilst our core business is website design, we know what it’s like being a business owner with 101 competing priorities and not enough day to do them in.

If logo design is something we can help you with, we’ll find a way.

Are you able to write content for my website?

The person who knows you & your business best is…


That being said – one of our specialties is in writing great content. Once we get to know you and your business as best we can, we will be able to communicate this online to your current and potential customers as well as ensure the Search Engines like it too.

How can I get started with Elevate Websites?

Glad you asked!

The first simple step to working with Elevate Websites is completing our Contact Us Form.

We will then book an initial business consult which helps us to identify your website goals, business purpose (and other relevant info) along with your customer needs.

You might be surprised by what is uncovered!

We look forward to hearing from you and having a chat at our initial business consult to see how we can best help you.