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Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website with our Quality SEO Services

Have you got a website, but it’s not being found online? Online success doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes focused planning and consistent effort to improve your search engine rankings.

In an ever-changing environment with search engine rules, it’s rare for business owners to have the time to keep up. Let us take the guesswork out for you. Our Melbourne SEO services will help to continuously drive targeted traffic to your website, stay there for longer, and convert them into paying customers.
Elevate Websites is one of Melbourne’s top SEO companies. We specialise in providing professional search engine optimisation services to local businesses and corporate clients. Our SEO experts work with each client to create personalised SEO campaigns that deliver results.

Why Choose Elevate for Your Melbourne SEO Services

SEO services in Melbourne are a dime a dozen these days. But do you really know what you’re getting?

When choosing to partner with any form of digital marketing services, it’s essential to pick someone who understands and genuinely cares for your industry and your business.

Here are just some of the reasons our SEO clients are experiencing exceptional results and growing their business online with Elevate Websites:

Get Your Business Found Online
SEO Tailored To Your Business
Attract Your Ideal Audience
1. No Hidden Fees or Lock in Contracts

At Elevate Websites we pride ourselves in providing a flexible and transparent service. We offer fixed monthly fees for our SEO packages that are tailored to your specific online needs. There are no hidden costs or locked-in contracts, so you can start our service at any time and scale up or down as your needs change. As SEO requires a lot of forward planning and preparation, we simply ask for 30 days of notification to any changes or cancellation requests.

2. Personalised SEO Services
We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all SEO service. Our personalised SEO packages are designed specifically for your business needs in mind. Our service is based on finding the best relevant keywords to rank your website for and creating a strategy that is tailored for ongoing success. The landscape for achieving success in ongoing search engine optimisation is constantly changing. So, our team will continue to monitor and manage your keywords to keep your site relevant in today’s market.
3. Complete SEO Process
As a leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne, we understand there is a lot more to successful SEO than just ranking your website on page 1 of Google. We implement SEO campaigns that target the type of audience you want to be doing business with. Our expert SEO services include not only creating written content for your website but also providing natural link building, local SEO techniques, and ongoing keyword and market research.
4. Ongoing SEO Reporting
To ensure our services remain clear and transparent, your dedicated account manager will regularly report your results to you. We provide easy-to-follow monthly reports on your target keyword rankings, traffic trends and conversions to help keep you informed of the progress that’s being made towards achieving your online business goals. You will get exact details on what worked well last month, what didn’t work so well, and how we plan to adjust to any change in the environment.

What Do You Get When Working With Our SEO Specialists

It’s one thing to gain traffic to your business website. But it doesn’t really mean anything if your traffic doesn’t convert into paying customers. Our SEO team knows how to drive focused traffic to your site. The type of traffic where visitors are your ideal customer and they want to deal with you.

Your SEO campaign starts with thorough industry and keyword research. This gives us a good idea of your target market and how our marketing strategies will help you meet your online goals.
We also do an analysis on your site to find out what’s currently being done right, and which areas need improvement. Every business website has its strengths and weaknesses. Your SEO audit clearly shows you what’s currently working best for your products and services.
With tools like Google Analytics at our disposal, we’re then able to measure results and present them to you in a clear, concise report. This way, you are always in the know when it comes to your personalised SEO campaign.

SEO Services We Provide

Elevate Websites creates an overall marketing strategy that ensures your business is appearing in search engines relevant to your ideal audience. We help you to grow your online following and drive traffic to your site.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne, we aim to deliver impactful results through measurable strategies such as better rankings, increased traffic and website conversions. Ultimately, we want to grow your online presence and increase your revenue faster.

We prefer to offer our clients a holistic approach when it comes to search engine optimisation. We understand that every industry is different (some industries are more competitive than others, with varying ranges of audience etc.).

With this in mind, we pick an appropriate combination as part of your SEO strategy that is more likely to deliver the online results you’re looking for:

  • Blog Posts
  • Service Pages
  • Social Content
  • Keyword Research and Tracking
  • Google My Business
  • Local Maps
  • Citations
  • Blog Posts
  • Service Pages
  • Social Content
  • Keyword Research and Tracking
  • Google My Business
  • Local Maps
  • Citations
  • Valuable Backlinks
  • Internal Page Linking
  • Sitemap Management
  • Meta and Title Reviews
  • Link Reviews and Updates
  • Analytics and Insights
  • And more…
  • Valuable Backlinks
  • Internal Page Linking
  • Sitemap Management
  • Meta and Title Reviews
  • Link Reviews and Updates
  • Analytics and Insights
  • And more…

Our Core SEO Strategies

Here are our core SEO strategies, hand-picked and tailored to suit your individual business goals:

Local SEO

Whether you’re a small business or a bigger corporate, if you’re targeting local clients, then you want to be found by people searching for your services in their local area.

Our local SEO strategy often forms a prevalent part of your digital marketing campaign. Why? Because as a local business offering products and services to your community, it’s essential to elevate your online presence and be seen at the top of local pack results by your ideal clients.

Google, Bing and Apple offer a few different tools to achieve this, so we look to capitalise on their offerings. A core strategy to being found in your local area is using Google my Business.

When optimised the right way, you can enjoy the benefits of increased local searches.

On Page SEO

Increasing organic traffic to your site is a fine art. Effective SEO is more than just writing a piece of content and putting it on your site. It takes the knowledge of understanding what Google expects to see on your site to rank in your industry. We then translate this into quality optimised content along with technical SEO strategies.

Our on-page SEO services start with understanding what people are looking for in your industry and what the ideal keywords are to reach that audience. We then use different ‘white hat’ strategies to optimise your site. Some core components to quality on-page SEO involve appropriate use and structure of keywords, titles, tags, categories, meta and URL.

There’s nothing worse than clicking a link on a website, and nothing’s there. And quite frankly, Google doesn’t like it either. We help to keep your pages fresh and useable with technical SEO.

Off Page SEO

Search engine optimisation doesn’t just stop with quality content and internal linking. It’s also about making sure that people find your website when they search for things relevant to what you offer. Off page SEO services helps to get your business found online.

There are many different ways to help improve your site’s ranking and get it found by more people interested in what you have to say and the services you have to offer.

Off page SEO involves any action taken outside of your own website which helps increase its visibility online. This can be done using strategies such as getting links from other websites, building quality citations, and promoting content across various platforms including social media.

Content Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days where you could produce sub-standard content, and still have your website noticed online. Quality content is essential and is the cornerstone of creating authoritativeness and trust in the marketplace.

A content marketing strategy is the process of creating and promoting good quality content that will help a business achieve its marketing and branding goals. This content can take many forms, including blog posts, articles, infographics, social media posts, and more.

Our content marketing strategy is not about managing your social media platforms. It’s about producing and promoting content that engages your relevant audience and provides them with a consistent message across various platforms. This helps to build trust between you and your clients and a willingness for them to engage with you.

The Process For Our Custom SEO Services

A typical SEO agency will likely provide you with a cookie-cutter SEO service when it comes to ranking websites. But we’ve learned over the years that different industries require different strategies to remain competitive with search engine optimisation.

To provide personalised SEO strategies, we take the following approach with all our clients:

1. Initial Research

The very first step to any SEO campaign involves getting to know you and your business. You may be a growing small business or a well-established corporate. Either way, you will likely have an online business and marketing goals on where you want your company to grow. Our research stage analyses your current online presence and website optimisation. We then do a full SEO audit and analyse your target keywords related to your business and ideal audience.

2. Planning and Strategy

Being found in search engine results pages takes strategic planning. Whilst there are never any guarantees, a well-thought-out plan helps to take the guesswork out of what is most likely to deliver the best results for your company. Using the data from our initial research phase, we create the best SEO services that will most likely deliver the results you are after. Your SEO plan is tailored towards your starting point, marketing budget, and overall online goals.

3. Search Engine Optimisation in Full Flight

A good plan encompasses consistent and ongoing work and maintenance. As a leading SEO company in Melbourne, our team of SEO specialists implement and maintain your plan. We use our SEO reporting to monitor what’s generating the best results and where things need to pivot. It’s important to know what’s working and where we need to focus our efforts for maximum results. Ongoing content creation, link building and local optimisation ensures the best chance for your online success.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

When it comes to search engine optimisation, you’ll discover that genuine SEO results take time. It’s really important to us that we remain completely transparent during our partnership with you. We review your SEO campaign every month and send monthly reports that clearly show where you stand. We provide real-time keyword ranking changes and Google Analytics reports. We present this in a way that focuses back on your business’ online goals and are easy to interpret.

Ready to start your Local SEO project?

If you’re ready to partner with someone who knows what it takes to get businesses found online, then chat to our expert team today. SEO isn’t just about adding blog posts to your websites. It takes strategic planning and execution to get your website found by your ideal audience and convert leads into paying customers.

SEO Services FAQ’s

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimisation, or “SEO”, is the practice of improving the ranking of a website on search engines. We do this through a range of SEO tactics, such as optimising the website content, technical elements on your site, and other off-page elements used to help deliver your website in search engine results.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

The benefit of implementing a quality SEO campaign will help to deliver targeted traffic to your website. This organic traffic means that your site is easily visible to search engines for the keywords relevant to your target market.

When done properly, a top SEO agency can turn this traffic of your ideal visitors into paying customers.

Do you Use White Hat SEO Methods?

Absolutely! “Black Hat” SEO differs from “White Hat” methods. Whilst it can often deliver “quick wins” for your results in search engines, the long-term impact on Google’s search results can be very damaging.

Search Engine Optimisation must be seen as a longer-term solution to your digital marketing strategy. Your website is an important asset, and if it is penalised, it will severely impact your online presence.

Depending on your online business needs, our white hat methods include using one or many of the following SEO methods:

  • Ongoing keyword research
  • On page optimisation
  • Off page optimisation
  • Content creation
  • Google My Business
  • Quality backlinks
  • Local citation creation
How Long Does SEO Take?

The ultimate goal of an SEO campaign is to reach the first page of Google. The time to take to do this really depends on a few factors, such as how competitive your niche is etc.

Unlike paid Google ads, organic traffic takes time. It’s important to build domain authority and trust in the market for search engines to rank your site. In some niches, results can be as quick as three months. And in more competitive markets, this is likely to take 12-24 months.

The key to long-lasting results is to implement a quality SEO strategy. Our online marketing team uses “white hat” SEO efforts to ensure your site continues to receive good quality organic traffic – not just now but well into the future.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of implementing an SEO service will vary depending on your niche and business goals. Unlike pay per click (PPC) advertising or social media marketing (where you are paying for each individual visit to your site), SEO is much easier to budget for.

We recommend allocating a portion of your digital marketing strategy towards SEO services to allow your site time to rank and appear in search results.

With professional SEO services from Elevate, our unique SEO strategy increases the probability of your site being found for relevant online users. You’re dealing with a dedicated SEO team right here in Australia. We aim to offer competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality results.

Can you Guarantee My Site Will Rank in Google?

An SEO company can never guarantee that your site will rank on the first page in Google. That’s because search engine algorithms are never 100% known. If any SEO companies do offer you this promise, carefully consider if they are the right fit for your business.

In saying that, our SEO team stand by their commitment to your business. Before accepting any new client, we need to feel confident that we can deliver results. We conduct a thorough website audit, in-depth keyword research, and competitor analysis to do this. We use this information to put together a campaign we believe will most likely achieve the SEO results you’re looking for.

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