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Providing Trusted WordPress Website Maintenance For Over 10 Years

Keeping your website up to date with changing technology, software and search algorithms can really impact the online presence of your business. Don’t be left behind because of an underperforming website.

As a business owner, we understand that your focus is on running your business. Without regular maintenance, your website is left exposed to security threats, vulnerabilities and potential loss of revenue.
This is why our team at Elevate Websites is passionate about website maintenance. Your WordPress site is in safe hands, from the smallest of changes to a complete overhaul. Our support team is on hand to provide your website’s maintenance support.

Why Choose Our Website Maintenance Plans?

Elevate Websites is passionate about all our clients’ sites. We understand the pressures of running your business day-to-day and the stress it takes to keep up website support in-house. Let our team of professionals take this off your hands so you can have peace of mind your website is being taken care of.

Whether your business is located in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, our team of in-house WordPress developers will keep your website secure and functioning with our range of flexible website maintenance plans.

See just some of the benefits our clients get to enjoy with our monthly website maintenance services:

Keep Your Website Safe
Ensure Your Website Functions WEll
Create a Great User Experience
1. Access to Ongoing Support Services

Ongoing website maintenance support means that you have dedicated people who can help you keep your website updated and running smoothly. The online landscape is constantly changing, so our team helps to ensure your website stays current against regular updates and online threats.

2. Professional WordPress Maintenance
Our local digital marketing team includes dedicated WordPress developers. Why do we choose WordPress? A WordPress website is user friendly and its platform is flexible and secure. We ensure your WordPress theme and plugins remain configured and up to date as part of website maintenance.
3. Keep Website Maintenance Costs Down with Flexible Monthly Packages
Maintaining a website can be a time-consuming and costly process for business owners. This is why it’s essential to have a regular website maintenance plan in place. Help reduce the risk of your website being compromised from the latest security threats and protect your website from downtime and loss of revenue. That way, you can focus on running your business.
4. Support your Visitors with Good User Experience
Not only do you want to keep search engines happy with a fully functioning website, but you want to be able to convert customers as well. If your website is underperforming or inaccessible, then website visitors will leave. This can be costly for your business and online reputation.
5. Reduce Costly Website Security Risk
If your website is not regularly maintained, it is at risk from viruses, malware, and hacking attempts. We use a range of security measures to keep your site safe from hackers. One part of security is regularly updating the WordPress core, themes and plugins.

Website Maintenance Services We Offer

Our website maintenance services cover the core foundations to keep your website functioning at its peak and servicing your clients and your business. We provide several support services that cater to small businesses and corporate clients to help keep your website running smoothly. Our core offerings include:


Every website needs hosting. Your website files are stored on your web host’s service platform. Good hosting ensures your website files are secure and loading quickly whenever a page on your site is requested. This is essential for providing a good user experience for your visitors and can impact your website’s search engine ranking. We select trusted hosting providers that support Australian-based websites and provide good site speed and data load.


Protect your website from malicious threats and cyber attacks. Website security is a vital part of any business. The online presence of your business can be affected by the changes in technology, software and search algorithms. Regular security maintenance helps avoid this rapidly changing online landscape and keep your website running smoothly. We help keep you and your visitors safe with regular security checks.


Your website is a precious asset. What if you woke up tomorrow and it was gone? There are many reasons your site can crash and cause data loss. So, it’s essential to regularly backup your website and keep these backup files safe. When you lose all the information on your website, you’re losing valuable data that’s irreplaceable and hard to recover. Lost website files can be costly to the running of your business. We provide regular backups, ready to be restored to your site at a click of a button.


Updating your website regularly is important for search engine optimisation. It keeps your site performing well for search engines and user-friendly for your visitors. And to keep your website safe from security vulnerabilities, we keep your website current with WordPress theme and plugin updates. We also check for potential software clashes that may occur from incompatibility.

A Leader In Website Maintenance Services

Whether you are a small business or corporate client looking for website maintenance services in Australia, our WordPress Maintenance service team knows exactly what it takes to keep your website running smoothly.

Plugin and Custom Code Support
Data Backup and Fast Restoration
Enhanced User Experience
A Website That Remains Relevant In A Competitive World

Ready To Start Your Website Maintenance Plan?

Every business, big or small, needs to keep their business website updated and secure. Your website is a valuable asset, and can become quite costly if not maintained properly. Speak to our team today to see what level of website maintenance would best support your budget and business requirements.

Web Maintenance FAQ’s

My website's broken - can you fix it?
Let’s face it, when it comes to anything online – I.T. happens. We offer priority support to help fix issues when they occur so that you can continue running your business with minimal disruption. Our development team also regularly monitor your website for potential threats and updates.
What happens if I don't update my website software?
Outdated website software opens your website to a lot of security vulnerabilities. It’s essential to keep your website secure by ensuring your CMS, theme and WordPress plugins are configured and up-to-date. This exposes your site to potential hacking, bugs and incompatibility of plugins. As a result, maintenance costs can blow out when website security is not regularly managed.
Do you provide web hosting?
Website hosting is the cornerstone of your site performance. We offer a range of hosting packages for your website based on your location, the size of your site, and the amount of traffic (or expected traffic). We only choose reputable hosting providers that offer exceptional support, security and pricing. Of course – if you prefer to maintain your own hosting, our development team can work with you on this.
Can you maintain my website if I'm not based in Melbourne?
Absolutely! Our clients are based all around Australia, not just in Melbourne. The beauty of working online is that we can provide website support and security monitoring no matter where you and your website is located.
What is included with Website Maintenance?

Our website maintenance packages vary depending on your site and your individual business needs. Typically, our standard WordPress Maintenance Service packages include the following:

  • Dedicated support
  • Software and theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • WordPress security checks
  • Regular website backups
  • Fix broken links
  • Monthly detailed report
How much does Website Maintenance Cost?
We offer a range of website maintenance services to suit all our clients. We offer a fully-tailored maintenance plan that caters to your specific solutions from smaller businesses to larger corporate. Our website maintenance costs are billed monthly so that you have peace of mind of no unexpected charges. We only include additional charges to your monthly plan for requested ad-hoc requests, and these are agreed to before starting any additional tasks on your site.
Does Website Maintenance include Content Updates?

Adding fresh content to your website is important to help keep your site relevant in Google searches. If you’re looking for quality ongoing content and SEO services, then check out our range of Melbourne SEO packages to suit your individual business needs.

What if I want to Rebuild my Existing Website?

If your existing website isn’t performing or converting the way it should, then maybe it’s time for a website rebuild. Our digital marketing team analyses your existing site and your online goals and target audience to provide a website development plan for your new and improved site.

I have a new project - Can I request ad hoc changes?

Of course! If you need any specific changes or new features to add to your website outside of our regular support packages, we can certainly help you out. Our team can provide flexible support to accommodate your current project.

Or, if you’re looking to build a new website for your project, check out our Melbourne web design packages to ensure your website is built right from the start.

How can I keep my website secure?

This is a great question that ALL business owners should be asking! Whether you’re a small business or a larger corporate, your website is an important asset that should be kept secure. Here are some quick tips to keep your website secure:

  1. Use strong passwords and, ideally, a unique username.
  2. Install an SSL certificate on your site to keep online transactions secure.
  3. Ensure your software, theme and plugins are regularly kept up-to-date.
  4. Use a website security plugin on your site to protect from malicious behaviour.
  5. Create regular site backups.

    Don’t want to do this yourself? Use our website maintenance services to take that load off your plate and keep your site secure.

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