Here’s What You Need to Know About Content Marketing and How a Content Creation Agency Can Help…

What exactly is content marketing? That’s a question we get asked all the time and the answer is pretty simple. Content marketing isn’t new, in fact, it’s been around for decades and is a key pillar of any good marketing strategy.

If you’re not investing in high-quality content you could be missing out on increasing your brand awareness, building trust with your audience and gaining new customers.

But many companies don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to consistently create enough content that will resonate with their audience and help them stay front of mind. This is where a content creation agency comes in.


What Is Content Marketing?

Do you remember the days of cold calling people? Putting all your time and effort into finding numbers, phoning people up and often never getting anywhere? Well, good content marketing is the opposite of that.

Rather than contacting people and selling your services, you provide the answers to the questions they have and your customers come to you. This form of inbound marketing happens through engaging blogs and informative social media posts.

If you have well-written, targeted content on your website, then search engines will value what your website is offering and help you to rank higher in searches. This means more people will be clicking on your site and buying your services or products.

A key part of content marketing is that it’s relevant and resonates with your potential customers and audience. Writing for the sake of writing is fine, but it doesn’t mean it will help bring people to your site or grow your business. You have to offer quality content that’s informative and answers the question someone has typed into a search engine.

To do that, you have to have done your research and found out exactly who your target audience is. Knowing who you are writing for helps you know how to write to engage them.

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Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a really important part of a marketing plan. It helps you to define who your potential clients are and write in order to make new customers find you and commit to purchasing. It also makes existing customers engage with your brand and become repeat customers.

By writing well-researched content, you can help build brand awareness and drive sales. This can be done through a combination of:

  • SEO-optimised blogs;
  • How-to articles;
  • Product or service pages, and;
  • Social media posts

It’s worth mentioning, however, that good content marketing is a long-term strategy. It’s unlikely that you’re going to post a well-researched and engaging post that’s optimised and suddenly see a rush of new people to your site. It takes time.

But building up your website, blog and social media platforms helps you to reach more people and gain more trust. Trust is a huge component when thinking about why a consumer buys something.

Most of us would only buy from a website we think is an authority in the industry and that knows its stuff. So, knowledgeably writing about your industry helps to create confidence and, ultimately, get people committing to your brand.


Different Forms of Content on Different Channels

Different customers use different channels. Regardless of where your potential audience is, you need to be providing them with valuable information exactly when they’re looking for it. At Elevate Websites we offer quality content writing across various channels and platforms.



It’s important that your website is well written so that visitors know the services you provide and what they can expect from your company. You should have clear, concise and optimised copy that’s appealing to read and helps your customers to navigate the website.



Blogs are a great way to inform your audience about your services and any industry updates. Blogs must be well-researched and give value to the reader. By working with a content creation agency, you’ll be getting experienced copywriters who can come up with a content plan for your business and deliver blogs that your audience will love to read. Posting blogs regularly is a vital tool for SEO.


Social Media

For lots of businesses, social media is a really important way of reaching new customers. Different people tend to be on different platforms and your business needs to have a presence wherever your audience is. Delivering consistent messages across platforms can help to increase brand awareness.


What Is a Content Creation Agency?

Now that we’ve given a bit more context around ‘content marketing’ – where does a content creation agency fit in? A content agency offers full-service marketing content that helps your business to grow. Not many of us have the time to learn how to do keyword research, write informative blogs, find engaging visuals and then upload them. And then do this a couple of times a week and for social media too.

A content creation agency can assist you with your content marketing strategy. They have experts to write engaging content for many different platforms as well as optimise the content so that you appear in search results.

A content marketing agency will also help your business to be consistent with its voice. Knowing who you are writing for and how to write for them is really important. If you have one agency in control of the copy for everything, it won’t matter if a customer comes to your website or sees a post on Instagram. They’ll know your business and feel confident buying from you.

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Why Do You Need a Content Creation Agency?

You need a content marketing agency because they have all the skills to get your business noticed. Whilst you concentrate on your expertise, a content creation agency has a team of experts that can come up with a content plan and SEO strategy.

They’ll generate leads and use their digital experience to help create a community of followers who value what you have to say. They can really help to prove your brand’s authenticity. Doing this well takes time and effort – something you may not have.

Hiring an experienced agency frees up your time so that you can concentrate on what you do best. You can communicate directly with your customers and provide your services without worrying about whether you’ve uploaded a blog recently or whether you’ve posted on Facebook.


Why Should You Choose Elevate Websites as Your Content Agency?

At Elevate Websites we have years of experience providing informative and engaging content to really improve a business’s online presence. Our team of copywriters carry out thorough research so, regardless of what industry your company is in, we’ll be able to provide content that reflects your business.

We also understand the importance of speaking to your ideal audience – with a voice that they’ll enjoy reading and which represents your brand and the person behind it. We take the time to understand what it is your business does and how you want to portray yourself online.

Not only do we write creative content, but we’re also SEO experts. We’ll thoroughly research keywords to incorporate into the content and use other successful SEO techniques which appeal to search engines so that you can rank higher. Our aim is always to provide quality content that your audience will love to read and which has a long-term SEO goal.


Ready for a Content Creation Agency to Help You?

Letting someone else manage your content marketing comes with loads of benefits. You’ll have more time to concentrate on your business knowing that valuable, quality content is being uploaded to your site or social media platform.

We tailor your content to deliver a personalised strategy that matches your business and its goals. No two businesses are the same and our team will come up with a unique content marketing strategy so that your business sees real results. Contact our content management team today to see how Elevate Websites can help improve your online presence and content marketing.